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Winged Beauty by Lladró

Winged Beauty by Lladró

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Half woman, half goddess, the protagonist of this piece, inspired by ancient mythology, offers us a beautiful and powerful representation of femininity. With a blend of sensuality and mystical force, this High Porcelain limited edition refers us to that space reserved in the past for magic and freedom, the feminine principles of the exaltation of life, of which the art of ancient civilizations has left us testimony. The color and decoration of the piece are inspired by the majestic plumage of the peacock, with the implementation of various techniques from enamels in varying shades of green, blue and ochre, to the use of colored glazes and metallic luster. The complex, brilliant interplay of tones and the color palette is heightened with aged golden luster, which reinforces the sense of nobility and solemnity inspired by the figure.

17 1/4" in height.

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