Our Story

Joseph P. Faddoul, Founder

The J. P. Faddoul Company, Inc., was founded by Joseph P. Faddoul in 1964, and nearly 60 years since - we've been searching for what's missing and found what is needed by connecting the right person to the right piece at the right time. Mr. Faddoul carefully selected a site to establish his showroom on a well-traveled street in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and with a carefully selected set of brands to open his doors.

It was from here that he set out to be the single source tabletop solution for all types of customers in the area. Each of the tabletop lines were carefully selected and catered to the customer taste and higher-end lines continued to be introduced for the more sophisticated. Elegant displays throughout the spacious showroom made it easy for shoppers to select from a wide variety of china, crystal, flatware and collectibles. Mr. Faddoul's extensive knowledge of the industry proved to be of great assistance to his customers.

Each purchase at the J. P. Faddoul Company, Inc., continues to be incredibly personal as the patterns remind customers of their childhood, or their parents or grandparents, and there's something incredibly sentimental and emotional in being able to replace those missing pieces. To further extend our reach in 1998, the Faddoul family joined the online shopping revolution by going live with their website, jpfaddoul.com.

Today, the family tradition has continued with Mr. Faddoul's daughter, Mary, continuing in her father's footsteps to lead the family-owned and operated business after her Mr. Faddoul's passing. For nearly 60 years, at the very same location in Shrewsbury, the tradition of service continues. While the number of brands has been expanded, the dedication and service to our customer has remained the same. 

We look forward to serving you for many years to come as we continue to set America's tables!
The J. P. Faddoul Company, Inc., showroom
at 115 Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.