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Toucan (Black-Gold) by Lladró

Toucan (Black-Gold) by Lladró

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This portrait of one of the most beautiful inhabitants of tropical rainforests now joins the Boldblack collection, our personal homage in black and gold to the incomparable animal kingdom. The precise study of the feathering and the meticulous modeling give the piece a realism that contrasts with the unusual two-tone decoration. The finish of the piece is based on the counterpoint between the golden luster, in both glazed and matte finishes, that covers the bird’s large beak and eyes, and the background of matte black porcelain, which enhances it even further. In addition, the toucan is perched on a branch with two large black flowers with stamens and leaves decorated in golden luster. Subtle details that make this creation a hugely successful decorative design.

15" in height.

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