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The Guest By Kzeng Jiang - Big by Lladró

The Guest By Kzeng Jiang - Big by Lladró

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This version of The Guest is signed by Kzeng Jiang, the first artist of Chinese origin to join the creative universe of this iconic character. A creative based in Shanghai, his work captures the contemporary culture of the East through vibrant and radical illustrations. Kzeng seeks to capture his cultural roots through the symbolism of traditions such as Chinese face painting or Song dynasty flowers. Elements that he reinterprets under his personal prism and that in this case are represented, for example, with three large eyes on the face that, according to the author, "allow him to see, past, present and future, as if he were a messenger traveling through time". At the chromatic level, Kzeng resorts to blues on white porcelain to achieve visual harmony and balance. Colors that he combines with golden luster strokes to create that sense of prestige that was so typical of ancient Chinese porcelain. The result is a creation that conveys the elegance of porcelain and is an example of the most conceptual and contemporary design.

20 1/2" in height.

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