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Protective Dragon (Golden)-Special Edition by Lladró

Protective Dragon (Golden)-Special Edition by Lladró

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 A representation of its supreme power over all creatures in oriental mythology, Protective Dragon is a High Porcelain creation, in a limited edition of 777 units to commemorate Lladró’s seven decades. A symbol of strength, protection and good luck, this legendary being, existing in ancient oriental cultures, wards off evil spirits, protects the innocent and provides safety to all those who possess it. This special edition stands out for its striking decoration, with a special mention for the golden luster combined with details in blue and red enamels. The hundreds of scales covering the dragon’s skin are minutely hand-painted one by one. The undulating shape of this complex sculpture is reminiscent of the figure eight, the number of good luck in oriental culture.

24 1/2" in height.

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