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Protection Mudra by Lladró

Protection Mudra by Lladró

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 Since time immemorial, hand gestures have been a language in their own right. Their expressiveness and symbolism have made them a method of communication. On this occasion, our artists have focused on the language of mudras, gestures that arrived to yoga and meditation from Hinduism or Buddhism. For the former, there is a total of 24 mudras, one for each hour of the day, with each one having its own different benefits. For the latter, they are gestures that predispose the body for meditation and help them to concentrate. Protection Mudra is inspired by these age-old gestures and is depicted as a raised hand with the palm facing outward. In this particular version, the hand is decorated with minutely etched plant motifs intertwined with the fingers, and with a porcelain flower on the thumb, as if it were a part of the pattern that had come to life. Various shades of golden luster were used in the decoration, sometimes with a matte finish, other times glazed. Meanwhile, the flower, handmade petal by petal, is in a tone somewhere between yellow, pink and a subtle golden sparkle. 16 1/2" in height.

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