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Perfume Diffuser-Unbreakable Spirit by Lladró

Perfume Diffuser-Unbreakable Spirit by Lladró

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The Heavenly Dreams collection combines exclusive aromas of Mediterranean air with a differentiated presence based on noble and natural elements with very decorative organic forms. The Matte white porcelain crown, which decorates the bottle and harmoniously collects the diffuser rods, shows an engraving of little angels, the same as the one printed on the bottle and which appears on all the elements of the Heavenly Dreams collection. This crown is varnished inside to protect it from possible splashes. Indomitable spirit is an exotic aroma of bergamot, cardamom and musk that transports us to our dream paradise. The essence of freedom. Contains 200 ml (7.05 oz) of essence and six 24 cm long vegetable mikados. It lasts more than 2 months and includes up to 29% perfume in its formulation, made in Valencia, Spain. 9 1/2" in height.

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