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Paradise Vase (Animal Life) by Lladró

Paradise Vase (Animal Life) by Lladró

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 As if it were a canvas, the artists of the Lladró High Porcelain workshop have depicted on the surface of this jar - the largest created by the brand to date - an earthly paradise in a virgin forest, where animals coexist in harmony. The landscape is inspired by the collection of paintings which the French painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) dedicated to the representation of an exotic world, filled with dreamlike visions, often set in the jungle. It is said that the Indians in the virgin forests of the Amazons have numerous different words to name the number of shades of green in their surrounding landscape. Lladró has also employed the most exotic greens in its palette to decorate this High Porcelain limited edition. What most stands out in this work is the complex treatment of depth, attained through volume. It is with good reason we have a vase with the most planes Lladró has created to date, of which we may count up to a dozen. The lush vegetation unites animals of the most varied origins, such as a panther, a tiger, an owl, a bird of paradise, a bear... they invite us to find them in a game in which, at the same time, we discover the tremendous decorative richness of this work.

35 1/2" in height.

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