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Lithophane Votive Light-Hanuman by Lladró

Lithophane Votive Light-Hanuman by Lladró

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Hanuman lithophany is inspired by the monkey God, Hanuman, son of Vayu, the god of wind in Hinduism whose main weapon is a mace and representative of the vanaras. A breed of monkey men who lived in the forest in South India and are considered children of gods who took animal form, with a mattee pattern finish engraved on the surface of the translucent porcelain. 01017376 includes an electric LED and 01017377 includes a rechargeable LED module. 01017377 includes a LED module included in the lithophany (with a sticker on the bottom if you want to stick it on the base). The LED has an autonomy of 4 to 7 hours and is recharged with a mobile phone charger that has a USB port. The charger is not included, but must be fully charged for 4 hours before its first use. After this initial charge, the cable must be removed and will work with the battery, independent of a power supply. 1 meter USB cable is white.

4 3/4" in height.

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