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Hina Dolls - Emperor by Lladró

Hina Dolls - Emperor by Lladró

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 Hina Dolls - Emperor is an exquisite piece of High Porcelain with delicate and meticulous embellishment, inspired by an ancient Japanese tradition. It is a piece destined to become a veritable family heirloom. This emperor represents one of the leading figures of Hina Ningyo, a composition of figures placed upon a stage, where girls are given away in Japan every 3 March at the feast of Hina Matsuri to assure them a happy life. This limited edition, which pays careful attention to the smallest details of the garments worn by emperors of the Japanese court during the Heian period, forms a pair with Hina Dolls - Empress. On a decorative level, the reproduction of the richness of embroidered fabrics is highlighted, as is the image of traditional Japanese fabric simulating Damascus silk, which transforms the piece into a little jewel. In terms of the richness of the color palette, this creation surpasses the classic Lladró palette and introduces more intense colors. The dark color of the dress and the decorative details in three tones are emphasized, applied by hand through a painstaking process which enables them to stand out against such an intense background.

11 3/4" in height.

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