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Goddess Durga by Lladró

Goddess Durga by Lladró

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"Portraying Durga, the goddess who alleviates the suffering of all people on Earth, who protects the righteous and establishes benevolence and order, was both a challenge and an honor for Lladró artists. Made in a combination of glazed and matte porcelain, Durga is depicted sitting on the back of a spectacular tiger with striking blue eyes, symbolizing the goddess’s will and determination. The eight arms with which she is portrayed, each one holding a symbol of the different powers given to her by the gods, seem to have a movement of their own, while the goddess’s body and face convey a sense of peace and compassion. The composition is decorated with the signature deep red color of Hindu iconography and a spectrum of colors that includes faded browns, turquoises and mauves. These tonalities are enhanced by the use of carefully applied golden luster and a garland of flowers made up of 280 white and 7 pink petals, in addition to the delicate lotus flower she is holding in one of her hands. All these flowers are handmade, petal by petal."

24 1/2" in height.

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