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Exclusive Model by Lladró

Exclusive Model by Lladró

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Exclusive Model is a porcelain figurine recalling the most poetic side of Haute Couture, when designers indulge their fantasies and express their freshest and most daring ideas. The asymmetrical arrangement of the decorative elements, the delicate tulle details and the striking headgear highlight the imaginative nature of the design. In matte finish porcelain. The dress is decorated with 46 flowers comprising 18 decorative petals and 13 bobbles; 19 strips of tulle decorate the dress and the headgear. For elegant settings, Exclusive Model is a Limited Series, available to only 300 people worldwide, so its value should increase over time. It includes a High Porcelain certificate which certifies the authenticity of the piece. The light green porcelain base is an integral part of the piece. A glass dome to protect and display the piece, with a white base, can be acquired separately (Ref. 01020135). It forms part of a collection of collectible related pieces which can be acquired separately or as a set: 01009357, 01009358, 01009360 Made in Spain. 15" in height.

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