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Dancers From The Nile (Golden Re-Deco) by Lladró

Dancers From The Nile (Golden Re-Deco) by Lladró

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We have no way of knowing how the music of the ancient Egyptians sounded, but we can dream of the grace of its dancers and the exotic dances in stunning palaces on the banks of the Nile. The land of the pharaohs has not lost one ounce of its captivating power and it continues to evoke a world of magic and adventure. Lladró artists have recreated the dresses of young dancers from the paintings of ancient temples, meticulously reproducing crowns, bracelets, anklets and all the rich ornamentation which makes this piece a veritable jewel. It is embellished with gold luster applied to large areas of the piece. The combination of gloss and matte finishes further enhances the filigree adorning the dresses and jewels of the dancers. 20" in height.

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