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Campanella Perfume Diffuser -Redwood Fire by Lladró

Campanella Perfume Diffuser -Redwood Fire by Lladró

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This candle comes from the Campanella collection, inspired by ancient Japanese lacquer boxes. Urushi-nuri (漆塗), means covered with lacquer, and is used to name objects, decorated with different techniques, which are covered with the salvia taken from the lacquer tree to enhance the intensity of their finishes and also their resistance. This age-old technique is the starting point for this collection with motifs etched by hand that represent the ripples produced when a drop of water falls on the still surface of a pond. The etchings are protected forever by the application on the porcelain of a layer of varnish that provides the glossy finish. Contains 320 gr of natural wax.

9 1/2" in height.

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