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Archers Frieze Vase by Lladró

Archers Frieze Vase by Lladró

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Known as the ¨immortals¨, the archers of the Persian royal guard transport us 2,500 years back in time, as recreated in this stunning vase. A High Porcelain limited edition evokes the splendor of this civilization with masterful relief decoration and a carefully chosen color palette. The Greek historian Herodotus recounts that the Persians taught their children only three things: horseback riding, archery and to tell the truth, which is why their soldiers were the best in the world. This piece is inspired by the Frieze of Archers which adorned the palace of Darius I (522-486 BC.) in Susa, showing the warriors of the royal guard, richly adorned with bracelets and earrings, embroidered tunics and colorful turbans.

23 1/2" in height.

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